Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Moscow in June

Got my luggage (and my camera cord), so here are a few pictures of Moscow. After spending the day on the 23rd (my birthday) in Petersburg, we headed for Moscow on a night train, complete with delicious almond birthday cake. (Thanks guys!) We arrived on Tuesday morning and I was to fly out on Thursday morning to Morocco.

As this was not my first time at this rodeo, I don't have many pictures of the stuff you'd expect:

A few from inside the Kremlin:

. . .including this mess of black BMW's and other fancy official cars, a type of official ride collectively and lovingly known in the lyrics of a popular song as the"chornyi boomer."

And the obligatory group of Russian school kids posing for a picture (while I surreptitiously snapped one of my own!)

Otherwise, the food the group got was great. I've not eaten quite so well in a long time (being mostly contained to what I can cook myself!)

And finally, a trip to my favorite Moscow coffee shop - If you'll remember its the same kind as the one in Vladimir. I love you CoffeeBean!

I also got a chance on Tuesday night to steal away from the group and meet up with a friend from Vladimir, Katya, who now lives and works in Moscow. I also got to meet her husband, Nick, for the first time.

I finally arrived in Rabat Thursday night, after a day that started at 2 am Rabat time and included extra time in Rome and searching for a lost bag in Casablanca (which I finally got on Saturday afternoon.)