Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stavropol Post 1.1

There's not a whole lot to add about my stay here. The work in the archives has been pretty fruitful. I've found a few places, like a decent coffee house, in which to hang out. I've taken several long walks and runs around the city.

A couple of pictures, just for fun. One thing that has been different is the weather. I guess that, having read one too many reports from Soviet bureaucrats complaining about the regular droughts in the region (parts of it get drought as many as 2-3 out of every five years), I expected Stavropol' itself to be dry, hot, and dusty. In fact, that's night the case at all, since it is in the wetter, western part, and is at a higher elevation.

I didn't bring an umbrella with me from Moscow and then it proceeded to rain, summer late-afternoon thunderstorm style, for something like ten days straight. Luckily, I was saved by the waterproof jacket I brought along.

Here's what one of the storms looked like, from the window of my hostel room:

And the room itself, too:

It's not big, but it has a refrigerator and a fairly comfortable bed. I've no reason to complain.

In any event, I'm leaving Stavropol' in a couple of days time, to be nomadic again for a bit: I'll be back in Moscow for a few days, off to visit a friend in Karelia, and then back to Moscow just in time to catch my plane back to the US!

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